….Girls Dresser Makeover

Hi everyone! I’m back today with a quick post on my daughter’s dresser makeover that was so simple but made a real difference. This was my childhood dresser that I painted years ago to match my daughter’s room when we were going through our light pink and green phase. I still love how sweet these colors look together.

Of course I went back and forth on what to do with this, but sometimes you gotta go with the ol less is more route. I decided to use an old color I had lying around from a project I did years ago called Black Beauty from Benjamin Moore’s Aura line. This color is magic! It goes on kind of blue/purple and dries to a beautiful soft black finish. I remember the first time I used this paint and how horrified I was to see it go on with this bluish purple tint to it. I was so ready to take it back and tell the paint guy he mixed it wrong but I waited about an hour and it changed. Lucky for the paint guy:)  I have to say that so far this is the only color I’ve seen do this.

I went over the drawers to get the mint color out with the original white color I luckily still had in the garage. It’s another Benjamin Moore color with a very faded sticker on it, so I do not know the name of this one. Then I just painted the top and the pulls Black Beauty and switched out the knobs with some Hobby Lobby black glass ones. Presto! Very simple and most importantly a project I could do indoors. The cold weather is still causing major stall in all my projects. Ugh!

Oh, and I still kept the original pulls on this because I just couldn’t part with them. I really wanted to keep something from my childhood on this.

brynna dresser (2)


So, there it is. A very simple way to update a little girls dresser to more of a “mom, I’m not five anymore” dresser. She loves it! Preteen approved.


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