…1950s Drop Leaf End Tables

I picked up these super cute vintage end tables over a month ago with the intention of painting them right away. That did not happen. We had this crazy arctic blast of weather that would not go away. So, new garage heater is currently on the wish list! But seriously, how cute is this couple?


I painted the entire piece using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and then Louis Blue over the top. This stuff is very easy to work with because you rarely need to do any prep work like sanding, stripping or priming and you can paint over just about any surface. Oh, and it dries fast. Can I get an Amen!?!


I went back and forth on whether to paint stripes or some kind of stencil design over the blue. I’m NEVER sure about these things! I drive my kids crazy talking about it and then my daughter tells me “they’re all good ideas, just pick one!” So stripes it is.

There are so many different stripe designs, I just picked a pretty common pattern and then used frog tape to section parts off and then used Old White for the stripes. Simple as that. After paint dries, I sanded it lightly with a sanding sponge block in fine grit just to get a smooth surface and to get a little bit of the old white to come through the Louis blue on top. I also distressed a little to get a beachy worn look and I always try to keep original hardware when I can because it keeps that original vintage feel to it. I just think it adds a good balance between vintage and modern.

Finally, I sealed it using Annie Sloan Clear wax. That’s when the real elbow grease happens and not my most favorite part of the process but the most important.

I really love how the top has that surfin U.S.A. vibe to it! Just imagine these two on a white sandy beach sitting next to a palm tree watching the sunset…….on the West Coast of course. Perfect!


Well, that’s it!

Be back soon with a 1940s dresser makeover.


  1. Heather Lowery says:

    These end tables are adorable :) Nice work!

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