Hello out there! So happy you found me! I’m a Southern California native who now lives on the East Coast. Yes, I know, culture shock anyone? But, I have planted my feet here in beautiful North Carolina with my very supportive husband and two middle school aged kids that remind me at times i’m not as cool as I think I am. They are the joy of my life and they really know how to make me laugh!

I started painting furniture seven years ago for a neighbor who needed extra help with her business, and I haven’t stopped since. I love giving old furniture a new look and any other DIY projects that allows me to be in the garage, door wide open with fresh air of course. I am not the indoorsy type:)

I started this blog to share ideas on how you can transform just about anything with a can of paint, gorilla glue and a little patience (still working on that part).  So follow along and I hope to inspire and be inspired by what fun ideas we come up with!